Creative copyrighting

A chart Persuasive copy turns lookers into buyers. My copyrighting services are affordable and reliable, with just the right amount of pepper to get your market moving.  

Funding requests – Business plans, grants, proposals

A bright lightbulbHow would you explain to your idea to someone you just met? You've got a short window to make a big impression. While you run the organization, let me do the writing.

Content marketing

A bar chartDo more than "market" online.  Cultivate your own crowd of satisfied followers who will drive traffic to your website and convert into sales.
John and I worked together on a technology-based political project where John produced most of the messaging and content. I was impressed at the quality and results of his work.  Portrait of J. Kelley Nix in suit and tie
I commissioned John to write a series of white papers and business plans for DirectNet. The work was clean, the revisioning process was expedient, and the quality was top-notch. Larry Leger's portrait
In today’s world of information overload and far too little actionable knowledge, John organizes the process.  He has the ability to focus an issue, provide answers and create a solution for your planning and marketing initiatives.

Beware The Uncanny Valley of Writing

“Uncanny Valley” is a term that explains why CGI humans look so creepy. They’re lifelike and nearly perfect, but there’s a slight deadness to the eyes, or a subtle sluggishness to the mouth, that makes the whole image unsettling. Compare the lifelike CGI human to, say, a Kermit the Frog muppet. In no way realistic, […]

4 Grammar Rules to Break For Effective Copywriting

  If you’re like me, the first writing lessons you learned in the “real world” involved un-learning what was drummed into you in college. Now, you finally re-mastering the art of writing at the optimal tenth-grade level again.  Silly you, wasting all that money on a post tenth-grade education. The truth is that there are lots of grammar-school […]

An ancient look painting of a man reading from a paper in the background and a foreground of a man seducing a woman

The Elements of Eloquence Challenge

A couple of days ago I posted The “Elements of Eloquence” Rhetorical-Device Cheat Sheet. Since I can’t seem to stop thinking about rhetorical devices since reading the book, I’ve decided to design an exercise to help learn the devices. The challenge I’ve lain out is thius: Use every rhetorical device in six weeks. You can try […]